Following a standard design process that includes generating numerous ideas based on visual research, prototyping those ideas, and soliciting feedback from the target audience will give you an informed understanding of how design can play an important role in helping the community. As a designer you are equipped with a proven problem solving process who can tackle the issue with a fresh perspective. 

The sophistication of our world’s visual culture continues to grow as immersive technology and interactive graphics become an increasing part of our lives. Creative tools have become intuitive enough for anyone with access to a computer to create a logo or a website, which may lead community members to form strong opinions about how graphics might help them solve their problems. Community leaders may show up to meetings with fixed ideas of what they want. These ideas, however, may be premature and lead designs in the wrong direction. To determine the best design solution, be prepared to address more fundamental questions about the community’s needs before creating any graphics. 

The design teams working on the following two projects, Made in Midtown and project OPEN, each followed a process that led to important realizations. Their design solutions are based on thorough research and provide novel approaches that address the fundamental needs of the communities with whom they worked.